Cooler Weather

With cooler air coming in today, I was able to get out and work a bunch of dogs today.  I ran Pete, Maggie, and Cider up at the dam where there usually aren’t any birds this time of year.  As I walked Pete up the road a bit before I broke him away a saw a grouse come up off the side of the road and fly away.  He didn’t see it but stopped and stacked up when he got to the spot. I let him stand long enough to snap a picture with my phone and then sent him on since I was sure the bird had already left.

Tony showed up with Frankie for the second brace and had a woodcock find on the back edge of the cover he also had a couple of nonproductives in good looking spots which gave me the opportunity to work Maggie on a couple of backs.  The Jack pups had a divided find on one of our feral quail while the Moon pups are really changing in the way they look.  I’ll try to get some more pictures tomorrow.

Brandy, Jagger, and Max all put in time on the rope and barrel today.

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