Today was a perfect day to work dogs here in the North Country.  The high temperature was 62 and I was able to work dogs all day.  All the client dogs got out either here on the kennel course or out at the dam.  I’m still trying to avoid the actual bird covers while we wait for the grouse hatch and the chicks to start flying which is still a few weeks away.  we can probably start working some of our woodcock covers sooner as those birds hatched awhile ago and the chicks start flying within days of  hatching.

Tony and I have plans to check out Red Barn which at one time was our most reliable woodcock cover. When Jack and Tony’s Ginger B were young shooting dogs they could each dig out double digit finds in a workout after we had already run two pairs of dogs through the same cover.  The cover has gone down hill since then and last year we might find a few woodcock and an occasional  grouse brood.  I think the cover has changed some but I also think that the woodcock have changed their habits as more intensive cutting has created almost unlimited woodcock daytime roosting cover for miles in every direction from Red Barn.

I’ll give you a report tomorrow night.

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