Wild Apple Guide Service

Yesterday I passed the first part of the NH Hunting Guides test and will be going for my oral exam on June 10th.  If I pass that I plan to be offering guided bird hunts here in New Hampshire either with my dogs on yours.  More information will be posted once the testing process is finished.

In the middle of our a mini-heatwave here and went on a summer schedule getting Pete and Maggie out while the temperature was still in the 50s when we started and the 60s by the time they had both run.  The puppies followed with in warming into the 80s by the time I had the second batch back at the kennel.  One good thing about all the rain we’ve had recently ids there is plenty of ground water and they came back wet and covered in mud.

We’ve been having trouble with the quail recalling so we got one of those Total Recall electronic callers to hang on the Johnny House.  Hung it up last night and this morning when I went by with the puppies they flushed a quail that had been released last week.  Hope it calls more back from the wild as well as attracts future releases back to the pen.

It will be at least a few more weeks before we can start getting out into the bird covers, cna hardly wait.

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