More Puppy Pics

Today we made the first walk over to the bird field and I soon learned that these guys are small enough to go right through the wire pig fence I have around the quail pen.  They thought it was pretty exciting when a couple of quail came flying out of the pen and got to chase them around a little bit before we took a stroll up into the woods.

There’s a space between the house and the snowbank that the puppies use like and escape tunnel!

This one’s headed to Ohio next week.  There was a quail in there.  He’s enjoying the after scent.

I don’t know what it is with puppies and rocks, but they all seem to love to climb on them.

It’s still playtime, most of the time.

You want grouse dogs, you need to get them into the woods from the beginning.

Steve and Pat called this one Peanut because of the shape of the spot on her left side.  I think they should of called her Houdini.  She already climbs over the two foot high puppy corral I put them in when I clean their pen.  She also made it over the plywood boards that surround the inside of the puppy palace.

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