Jack X Belle Puppies in the Palace

Puppies from the Jack X Belle litter arrived today.  One of them is going south with me in a couple weeks for a guy in Ohio the other three are here for spring training and summer tryouts.  I’ll keep everyone aware of how they progress.
Food is always a good way to introduce pups to a new environment.  I’ll give them a bowl for awhile until the master the self feeder.

When LJ was in the Palace he would sit up on top of the feeder to get better view of the world.

The boards all the way around the Palace keep them from getting entangled in the chain link.  It also keeps them from all making a break for it when I open the door.

After a three hour ride, a little snack was in order.

This little guy was a late addition as I was originally slated to get just two females from the litter.

After a snack and a drink, they headed out to explore the yard.  Tomorrow I’ll let them chase some quail around.  Puppies are always fun — until they stop listening and need to be treated like juvenile delinquents — actually that’s fun too.

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