More Puppy Pics

Puppies being puppies.
Tony and I rode over to see the Jack X Belle puppies today and spent about an hour watching them play with each other and various items they found around the garage.  At first we tried to take the five girls outside but it was so cold we had to coax them out the door and then didn’t stay out very long.

Back in the garage they were fun to watch.  And then it got a little hectic when we let the five boys out with their sisters.
After about an hour of hard playing they ended up sprawled out on the rug, dog bed, and the first step.

Been running the dogs in the snow lately.  Moved four grouse yesterday.  Reports of woodcock to our south and east along the coast.  More snow tomorrow night and during the day on Tuesday.  Deciding to go to Rhode Island to run Jack in Southern New England Woodcock Championship will be a last minute thing.

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