Dog Food Score

Today Tony and I drove down to Concord to go to PETCO to get some dog food.  They were having a sale and I asked them to hold a bunch for us.  The list price on the 20 bags of ProPlan Performance and one bag of grain free ProPlan Select was $1013.79.  That’s crazy right.  Well not really.  The food was on sale for 20% off and we had a 10% off coupon that we had received in the mail.  That gave us a total savings of $283.90.  On top of that we had eleven $7.00 Purina checks between us to knock another $77.00 off the direct cost to us.  This brought the per bag cost for the 37.5 lbs bag of ProPlan Performance down to around $31.00 a bag.  If we’d had more checks it would have been even lower.  The sale at PETCO continues until Saturday.

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