Good News and Bad

heard from George Johnson yesterday with the news that Wild Apple Jack will receive his fifth invite to the Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational to be held in April in Gladwin, Michigan.  At first I din’t think I’d be able to accept due to obligations at home but Tony was thinking about going out to Michigan this spring and has agreed to run Jack at the Invitational.  Last time Tony took Jack to Michigan they won the Lakes State Grouse Championship.  One year Jack was invited he was unable to compete due to an injury he had gotten that winter in Texas (a cactus thorn got stuck into a tendon in the back of his lower front right leg).  The grounds in Michigan are a great place to show a dog and the Invitational is terrific opportunity to see some of the top competitive cover dogs in the country.  All the dogs will run the first two days April 10th and 11th and a select few will be chosen by the judges to run  again on Friday the 12th.

On the negative side of the equation, Trip had a ultrasound yesterday and the Vet could not see any puppies.  We may try again with Ovuplant in April as her normal cycle seems to be problematic making it difficult to get her pregnant.  Annie got administered Ovuplant yesterday and if it goes according to plan (one of these plans needs to workout) she should be bred in a couple of weeks and have puppies in April.  It seems like we started with Plan A and are now on Plan C.  There is also a Plan D and Plan E if we need them.

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