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One of the problems of having a blog is the people who hunt with me have certain expectations about how much ink they and their dogs should get.  Tony, who has a computer that may still be running the original Windows and accesses the internet via dial-up, felt slighted yesterday when I didn’t give him more ink on a shot he made to kill a bird for Bee.  The bird was a long ways out and Carnoski and I were both amazed but I thought the job Bee did of giving him the opportunity was a lot more impressive.

Today, like all days we can hunt in December, was another bonus day with no wind, no sun until around 3:00, and mild temperatures in the low to mid 40s.  We started off with Trash in the No Name Cover and she pointed a bunch o four and three singles for a total of 7 to start the days count.  I really don’t understand how guys hunt their dogs all-day day after day and have them survive the season.  Trash has hunted one to one and half hours about 3 times a week since the opening of the season October 1.  Like many of the dogs in Tony and my strings she is just about due for a break.  She’s rockhard but rail thin and is starting to pace herself a bit.  Because we also field trial our dogs we want them going full bore all the time.  It will take a long rest in the off season to get Trash back in high gear.

LJ was up next and we went over to the Ursula Cover.  Thud and I had been in there on Saturday and found no birds but saw quite a few grouse tracks.  Today LJ proved that those tracks were actually made by grouse as he had a number of finds and we moved a total of 8 grouse (although Tony didn’t hear one of them and didn’t want me to count it).

Bee ran in the Milan Hill Cover and we moved a total of 4 grouse.  the last run of the day was a bit of a disappointment as we ran G III in Red Barn which has been hot lately — 24 with Frankie last Monday and 19 with the Little Thudster on Wednesday — but today G III could only connect on one despite a really thorough effort on her part.  School tomorrow and then I actually have some other work I’ve got to do on Thursday and some of Friday.  If the weather holds I’ll be back out over the weekend.

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