Tough Day in the Woods

We only had three dogs on the truck this morning and didn’t head out until 9:00.  After many good days this fall including yesterday when the trainer reported that the Little Thudster had 8 super grouse finds, Today was pretty bad.  We started with Jack and he pointed a grouse within 100 yards of the truck and then had a stop to flush on a second one (or the same one again) 150 yards further along and then things went down hill.  Jack who rarely has a non-productive had about five and then went back on the truck.  Trash was next out and she did the same thing without pointing any birds.  G III was the only other dog we had today and she got dog of the day because, although she didn’t point any birds, she didn’t have any non-productives.  It was a beautiful day in a cover that usually has lots of birds but today just s**ked.

I won’t be hunting during the holiday week but check back Tuesday for the beginning of a special series of blog posts.  Also, pray for no snow until after the first of the year.

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