Three Dog Day

Those of you old enough to remember the band “Three Dog Night” probably get the pun intended in today’s title.  FOr the rest of you today I needed some time this afternoon to run a few errands so we only ran three dogs — Little Thuddy, LJ, and Frankie.  Since it was a half day we only moved 16 grouse and one woodcock.  The Little Thudster was first out of the box in the 100 Bird Cover.  We had hoped that since the southerly winds from Sandy had finally abated we would find a few flight birds.  Turned out the 100 Bird Cover only had one Woodcock which the Thudster pointed and we killed.  Tony thought I shot it but I fessed up — it was already pretty well on the way to dead when I pulled the trigger and puffed it.  Although there was only one woodcock we had two grouse flush wild on us and Little Thuddy nailed a third.  It came out of a fur tree directly over my head and I was only able to give it a one gun salute as it flew away unscathed.

LJ was next up in the Dead Tree Cover and had a really good run.  He pointed the first grouse within 150 yards of the truck and we went on to move a dozen.  These birds have been shot at before and were getting up well out range, behind the dog, and/or running before they flushed on the second or third relocation.  These tough birds are frustrating from a shooting stand point but great learning experiences for a young like LJ who will be 18 months old this weekend.  There was one dumb one that he slammed into point on.  It tried to escape on foot and came right towards me — then did a u-turn and ran back in front of the dog in clear view of me and the dog.  It was about 25 feet away from the dog when I swatted it — I wouldn’t have done that with Jack or any of our other broke dogs but for a youngster it only increases the fire.

Frankie looks better every time down and today ran in the Secret Cover.  He’s starting to reach out again to the end of bell range with almost the same foot speed he had before his crash and the animation that makes him so exciting to watch.  He nailed a grouse about 75 yards from us but the bird flushed when we were still 30 yards away and neither Tony nor I saw it.  Frankie did and chased it with enthusiasm.  We heard another bird go well out in front of both us and Frankie and that was it for the day.  Although now that the errands are done, we might take Trip out for a run.  Last night she pointed two grouse on the Home Course at the end of the day.


Ran Trip up in the Orchard and we moved four grouse and a woodcock.  I hope the woodcock had not bought a round trip ticket south because Dummer was the end of the line.

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