Henry’s Woodcock

Henry and Dave McCarthy after a hunt with Jack.

Dave McCarthy from Maine has been thinking about getting a Wild Apple puppy and asked if he and his 11 year old son Henry could come over and see the dogs run.  We started out with Trip on the Home Cover and she pointed some grouse and a couple of woodcock.  Henry got one of the woodcock with his 20 gauge SxS.  We then went out to the No Name Cover and ran Jack.  We heard a bird get up and then could see Jack on point before we got to him a total of ten birds had gotten up around him.  He went on to point about eight more birds.  The best one got up right at my feet and flew directly at Henry’s head.  I could see his eyes get big and then he had the presence of minds to spin around and empty both barrels at the fleeing grouse.  I think he was a little startled as the bird got away unscathed.  We ran LJ last and for the shortest run.  He nailed a pair of grouse that afforded Henry another shooting opportunity.  

Dave currently has a Llewellyn setter that scoots around pretty good and was concerned that moving to pointer might be more than he was ready for.  What he saw with all three of the dogs is that they are biddable, want to stay with you, are extremely athletic, and that they find birds.  You really can’t ask for much more no matter which breed of dog you’re looking at.

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