Rainy Friday and the Return of Frankie

Considering the weather and some minor truck problems — the hinges on my tailgate were shot — it’s amazing how many times a day I drop the tailgate to get a dog out or put a dog into the back of the truck — we had a good morning.  We started with a test run for Frankie here at the house and just ran him along the bottom where there are lots of edges and good flight bird cover.  He had four woodcock finds and we moved a total of 10 to 12 birds.

Here’s Frankie pointing a family of woodcock this spring.

We only ran him for about 20 minutes as he’s basically been on the IR list since mid-August.  He showed his lack of conditioning but didn’t exhibit any lingering effects from his August collision with a stump hidden in the ferns.  It looks like he’ll be available for some limited minutes in easy covers as he gets hunted back into shape.  As we were walking back into the front yard a grouse flushed off the ground under one of the apple trees.  I turned to Lloyd and told him that when we ran Trip a few days ago a grouse flushed out of one of the other trees that has apples still hanging on it.  When I pointed to the tree a grouse flushed — it couldn’t have been better timed had the grouse been in a release trap.

Mo got to run in the Cemetery Cover across the river from the house but all the flight birds seemed to be on my side of the river.   He pointed two woodcock and we walked up another.  We also had three grouse flush wild on us.
Bee ran up on the top of the hill where there is a piece of old pasture land with some very distinctive lanes and cuts through it.  Right after we broke her away we walked up four grouse and then the woodcock were lined up right along the main road through the cover.  She pointed a number of them and also pointed a grouse.  We walked up a bunch more grouse on the way out to give us a totat of 9 grouse and around a dozen woodcock in that cover — that was it for the day but I may take Trip out later if the ran stops for a little bit.

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