Here Come the Thudds

It was 30 degrees when we broke away Frankie in the No Name Cover yesterday morning.  He looks better every time I see him.  He’s still not back to his pre-accident conditioning but he’s gaining every day.  The birds were scarce this morning but he did have a beautiful find on a grouse.  He really is a chip off the block of his sire Stokely’s Al B that was without a doubt one of the best grouse dogs I’ve ever seen in a trial or had the pleasure of hunting over.  If I was still running shags Frankie would be my kind of dog.

Bee was up next and had a couple of nice grouse finds in the Secret Cover followed by Steve Groy’s Gracie dog who is a nice young setter.  Gracie ran in the 100 Bird Cover but many of the woodcock that were there earlier moved out Monday night.  She still managed to did out a half dozen or more and Steve got to do some “training.”  Tony managed to get a shot a at one and knocked it down for her.

By the time we got LJ out up at the Orchard the high sun in a clear sky had warmed the day into the high 50s, but it felt much warmer.  We had a couple of grouse we walked up along the road and one non-productive in a likely looking place for a grouse.   Then as we were getting close to the trucks LJ went up the hill into the alders and apples and stopped.  Stevie went to the right and Lloyd to the left.  I went to the dog and found him standing high and tight with the look that said there was a bird in front of him.  A grouse went Lloyd’s way and about all he could manage in the heavy cover is a salute.

After that I called it a day and went it did the shopping for the weekend as Big Thudd is due tonight with steaks and some friends from Michigan.  Rumor has it that his trainer has finally agreed to let him have Little Thuddy back for the rest of the hunting.  He should have some fun as the Little Thuddster is turning into one heck of a bird dog.  Today Tommy and I are hunting and should be heading out shortly Although it probably won’t be a full day as the afternoon temperatures are predicted to be close to 70.  Next week looks more like grouse weather with some ran and overcast days.  I’m also sure there are more woodcock to come through before the season closes November 14th.

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