Northeastern Grouse and Woodcock results.

As it turned out the Casehill dogs swept the stake with Chasehills Little Bud being named Champion and Chasehills Ben Franklin named runner-up both dogs ran on course three Franklin yesterday and Bud this morning.  Bud’s record is approaching the stratosphere with this being his 15th championship title to go along with 14 runner ups.  I’m pretty sure this is Franklin’s first piece of a championship but should not be his last as he is one heck of a bird dog.

Tony and I didn’t have the trip we had hoped for — WIld Apple Jack ran in the first brace and stuck a woodcock within the first two minutes and then had a nice piece of work on a brood of grouse where we flushed the grouse and then took a couple of minutes to find the dog in heavy cover before I fired.  Not a flawless piece of work but definitely usable especially since he had already had the woodcock find.  He ran to the front and went on point as I was catching up.  Then he did something he hasn’t done in a trial or a workout for a really long time — he moved up and rooted out the woodcock which flew right at me.  That was the end of his bid which was unfortunate as he was definitely laying down what would have been the race of the stake.

Zack really ripped it up as well but failed to produce a bird as he ran in a steady drizzle that made it hard to keep track of his bell at times.  You’d rather win then lose, but even the best are out of the money far more than they are in it, so you have to be able to enjoy the time with like minded people and watching all the dogs run.  The grounds and people of the MidCoast Maine club are top notch and I hope they can continue this championship well into the future.

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