North American Woodcock Championship Day 1

We ran six braces today.  Got some good bird work in the first three braces but it got quite hot in the afternoon making it very tough on the dogs.  In the first brace we moved three grouse and three woodcock with both Whynot Belle and Richfield Silver Lining finishing clean.

In the second brace Beechridge Abigail and Hard Driving Rita had stop to flushes on pairs of grouse.

In the third brace Chasehill Ben Franklin had three grouse finds and Elhew Alexandra was picked up for failing to back.

After lunch the sun broke through and the heat (near 80) was the winner.  Magic Mist Charlie hunted hard but got picked up on a woodcock Elhew Wildfire was picked up by the handler near the 30 minute mark.

Handlers elected to pick up early in both the 5th and 6th braces.

Five more today in what is forecast to be cooler weather.

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