Counting the Days

It really felt like fall this morning with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark.  The season opens here in 11 days and we can hardly wait.  We’re still out working dogs as we have a few more trials to go to.  This weekend Jack is running in the Northern New England Woodcock Championship and LJ and Frankie are running in the companion wild bird derby stake.  The Following weekend is the Mid-Coast Maine Grouse and Woodcock Championship then it’s back to New Brunswick for the Miss Leslie Derby Classic and the International Amateur Woodcock Championship.

This morning we ran Zack while we were waiting for Brian Kelly to arrive from Vermont to see the dogs and he had a bunch of finds — I think the total was 5 woodcock and a grouse.  Once Brian arrived we went out to one of our favorite spots and the dogs put on a show for him.  Within 100 yards of the truck Jack had a woodcock and Little Thuddy came in to back.  Then we got separated.  Thuddy went on to have a number of grouse finds high up in the cover while Jack went lower and picked off a bunch of woodcock.  We the went down the road to try a new spot and moved a half dozen grouse with Trip. The final brace of the morning was LJ and Bee.  we soon got separated but it sounded like October as LJ carded three grouse and five woodcock finds (one of which would have given me the opportunity for a double).  I also walked up a couple of woodcock.  Bee and Tony stayed high again and had a number of grouse finds.  The total for the morning was 18 woodcock and 20 grouse  — Brian is interested in getting his first pointing dog puppy and I think the hook is firmly set after the show the dogs put on for him this morning.

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  1. Had a blast yesterday with you guys! So impressed with the dogs. It was the best experience I ever had in the woods without a gun!! Brian

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