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I know that many of Big Thudd’s pictures from the weekend have already been plastered around the internet. But there were a few I wanted to share with you.  The Grouse below was walking in the road and let us drive right up to it.  It Finally flushed when Tony yelled from his truck as he wanted to get out one of the puppies.
This next one is of LJ pointing a woodcock. Like all my dogs he’s been brought up in the woods and doesn’t mind digging in the thick stuff to point a bird.  He’s at the point now where he’s ready to start the breaking process.  He’s already getting time on the barrel and will be doing more yard work and bird field stuff between now and when we go back in the woods in July.  I try yo give you regular updates on the progress he makes and the techniques we use.
It’s hard to think of Jack as the old man of the kennel but at eight he is all of that.  He obviously has proven this spring that he still has a few good runs in him and he is still amazing on birds.  the picture below was taken during a series of re-locations that he had on a running grouse on Saturday.
This final picture is of a camp in the middle of one of our favorite covers.  If Thudd ever divulges its whereabouts he will never be shown another.  I’m not worried that anyone’s going drive by it and see it from the road.  You’d need a key and a lot of four wheel drive to get to it with a vehicle.  Even the people who own it mostly walk in nowadays.
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