Slow Day

Tony got called in to work today and I had a lot to do around the house so I only got out with the puppy. Ran LJ in a grouse cover and we had a nonproductive on a drumming log and three woodcock finds. I had to curtail some of his growing independence. Thank goodness for good reliable electronics. Twenty-five years ago the electronics were pretty bad but I could still run down a dog in the woods — now I can just walk fast when I have to. I could still hear his bell at 300 yards when I had to remind him where I was. It was after that, that he settled down and hunted more — coming up with the three finds. On the last one I had a good look at the bird on the ground and could see before it flew that it was a male. He was right on the edge of a big landing in some hardwood whips. I’m sure if I had gone back tonight the woodcock would have been singing right on the landing. The spot I was in is called the “secret cover” because after Tommy and I first ran in it last summer we kept it a secret from Tony just long enough to torment him for awhile. It’s not all that far from the Cover-that-shall-not-be-Named where Tommy and I flushed more than two dozen grouse going to, around, and in front of Jack in late December.

Speaking of Tommy, he and Veronica moved five grouse in another spot during the day today.
Chris Mathan is due up tomorrow — hopefully we’ll get out early as the high tomorrow is forecast to be in the mid-70s. Monday is supposed to go well into the 80s and then we’ll return to more seasonable weather for the rest of the week.
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