Invitational Draw

Draw for the Invitational

1A Wild Apple Jack

1B Groused River Ace

2A Needlepoint Tiger Lilly

2B High Desert Dream

3A Tehaar’s Elvis

3B Autumn Moon

4A Quail Trap Sadie

4B River’s Edge Sadie

5A Wintergreen Max

5B Bloom’s Ole Dollar

6A Tehaar’s Rogue

6B Moss Meadow Traveler

7A Upper Cove Desert Devil

7B Upper Cove Billie Babe

Day Two

1A Upper Cove Desert Devil

1B Wintergreen Max

2A Upper Cove Billie Babe

2B Tehaar’s Rogue

3A Bloom’s Ole Dollar

3B Moss Meadow Traveler

4A River’s Edge Sadie

4B High Desert Dream

5A Quail Trap Sadie

5B Needlepoint Tiger Lily

6A Wild Apple Jack

6B Autumn Moon

7A Tehaar’s Elvis

7B Grouse River Ace

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