Got back from a week in Kentucky and was able to get the dogs out. There was still a little snow arond the house so we headed south about 30 minutes in hopes of running in to a bunch of flight birds. But it was not to be. Other than the unproductive where we found both Jack and Frankie standing, we had no bird work. I think that you can attribute that to two things, first the temperature this afternoon reached 74 degrees and the covers we ran in are already much drier than they are normally. We talked to the owner of one of the covers who stated that he only had his road plowed once this year. The older of his two boys was running around without out his shirt throwing snowballs from the one remaining snowbank at his younger brother who was wearing shorts. We did flush two grouse. When I got home I took LJ out around the lower fields at home and much of the snow that had been there this morning had already melted. We also flushed a grouse not far from the house. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll run the whole loop at the house and see what’s around. Tom reported that early this morning Veronica had a woodcock find and three grouse finds with a total of 15 grouse. By the end of the week, if the temperatures that are forecast materialize we should be just about snow free. Tomorrow should be in the high 60s and then three days in the 70s. The river and all the brooks have already started to rise.

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