I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have long practices pickinig out who was dog of the day. I think it started for me in Texas with Bob Stewart and Bill McFadden. Bill always wanted his dog to be “dog of the day” while in reality it was often one of Bob’s dogs that got the nod. I can still remember Bill yelling in what was (I hope) mock anger that he hated Elhew Flicker as she once again won the day.

So, today’s dog of the day was Wild Apple Deuce as he put down a hard run race that involved a couple of dips in ice water that didn’t even slow him down. He also nailed a couple of woodcock. You can always tell if its a woodcock or a grouse by his tail, it’s at 1 or 2 o’clock on a woodcock while on a grouse it’s straight up at twelve. His head is often higher on grouse as well.
I ran LJ with his mother today and they failed to produce a bird, at least that I saw, however they did get a good airing out as they raced about 800 yards down a gravel road at one point and were frequently out at the 200 yard range according to the GPS. It was also interesting to note that the spot they ran was only about 7 miles from where I ran Deuce and there was much more snow where they ran which may have been the reason they ended up racing down the road.
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