The Brothers Groy

One great thing about training and running bird dogs is the great people you meet along the way, two of the best are the brothers Groy who are spending the week at Tony’s. I’ve been tied to the desk getting the next issue of Field Trial Magazine ready to go to the printers and only went out with them yesterday afternoon but Tony is taking them to all the best spots. In two full days we have collectively run 25 dogs and all have had some sort of bird contact. Yesterday, they moved 20 woodcock and 11 grouse. It’s interesting how the birds start appearing in larger numbers about this time of the year. The grouse seem to be coming out of the swamps and other brooding cover to be found in their more traditional fall cover. As the days begin to shorten the woodcock seem to start staging in our lower lying covers. It maybe that they are just more active as they try to add fat in preparation for the fall migration. AS I write this Tony and the Groys are out in the woods getting wet while I work. I’ll join them this afternoon.

Lon Meneer, a professional trainer in Maine (207-858-4265) who has worked a number of dogs for us and I highly recommend him, is coming over this afternoon and delivering “Minnie” she is from the ’09’ litter and therefore is a full sister to Wild Apple Jack. Minne will spend the fall in the hunting string and then will most likely be bred to either Sunkhaze Fastbreak or Chasehill Little Bud.

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