DC 40 First Look!!

Finally got a DC 40 yesterday and we got a chance to try it out this morning. It feels lighter (the battery in my digital scale is dead) and seemed to work fine. I think the position on the neck is going to be more critical as the the gps antenna is built into the unit instead of being up on the collar. The end to those black fabric collars is a big plus. We went through a number of those before finding an aftermarket collar that worked. I didn’t have a chance to put a shock collar on the with the DC until after we ran today. It looks like it should work fine and I’ll try it out tomorrow.

In other news today, we finally took Mariah back in the woods. she had been doing great out in the field and keeping track of me as I zig zagged across the field so we took her out into the pole timber where she continued to be responsive and keep track. Towards the end of the session we got into some thicker cover and had to give her a little tap to get her back in and get her to the front. We’ll keep working her by herself and keeping her close throughout the fall which should give us the opportunity to handle her into birds and kill some for her.

Mariah getting her first go back in the woods.

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