A day in Paradise

Monday morning the temperature was hovering around 60 and there was a dry northwesterly wind (we didn’t even get our boots wet) and Jack and Ginger had three woodcock finds between them up on an old hill farm near the house. Both of them are a little banged up from running in the heavy cover and rough ground and will probably need some time off. We still have plenty of young dogs to run.
We seem to have to have made a break through with Mariah. Today we worked her in a big field that had recently been mowed and she ranged out but kept looking back to be sure I was still with her. When I turned she turned and on the few occasions when she didn’t it just took a word from me to send her scurrying to the front again. I called her all the way in a couple of times and she came without hesitation. All this without touching the button on the transmitter once.
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