Maine Bird Dog Club Field Trial

Ran the Trey and June in the Derby on Saturday. June’s race was a little immature and she had trouble pinning down her only bird in the rain. Trey ran as a bye and I was very pleased with him. He had three bird contacts — one was on a thoroughly soaked dead bird and the last on barely alive bird the flopped three feet and then walked around in front of him he stayed put for both those. In between, he moved up on a bird walking around and popped it. I was also please with his race. Deuce the first year shooting dog put a cold, wet bird out of its misery to end his shooting dog bid early. Jack will be running in the USCSDA International Championship this weekend. Planted birds are not really his forte and it should be a very competitive stake with Bob Ecker and John Stolgitis bringing their strings of dogs that have done well in this type of single course trial.

Jack is sure to run strong but the way the cover is coming on at the grounds it’s going to be a challenge for everyone to find their dogs on point if they run hard.

We’ve been working dogs on a large farm nearby and had a couple take a .7 mile trip (according to the GPS) into a swamp before they decided to turn and come back — Tony and I couldn’t decide if they had found Bullwinkle or Yogi. We’ve been experiencing an an unusual number of nonproductives and figure it must be the turkeys we saw the other day in the middle of the afternoon — the male was in full display.

Unfortunately, the black flies are just starting to come out — in another week or ten days it should be pretty bad.

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